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Flights got cancelled in Chennai owing to heavy rains

Four appearances and four flights have been dropped at Chennai air terminal on Wednesday because of awful climate. The flights were dropped because of expected awful climate conditions on Wednesday evening and around evening time.

IndiGo carriers trips to Madurai at 4.10pm, Mumbai at 7.55pm and Trichy at 7.55pm and an Air Arabia trip to Sharjah at 9.35 pm have been dropped.

IndiGo Airlines departures from Madurai at 7.30pm, Trichy at 10.30pm, Mumbai at 1am (on November 11) and an Air Arabia departure from Sharjah have been dropped.

The homegrown flights, being worked utilizing more modest airplane (ATR-72), were dropped as a safety measure in light of the fact that solid breeze is conjecture around evening time.

“The carriers took the choice dependent on the climate gauge to forestall burden to travelers. The dropped homegrown flights are more modest airplane which might experience issues arriving in blustery conditions,” said an AAI official.

As the low tension has formed into a very much stamped low strain region and is approaching the coast, solid breezes are logical.

The climate forced the government to postpone flights from Outside Chennai and from within Chennai.

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